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Ring in the new

I've recently changed the book cover for Blood of the Wolf. I decided to do this because I felt the original cover was confusing. I have been lucky over the last few years to gain followers who enjoy my comic books so I originally thought it might be a good idea to visually connect my comic book art with my prose novels. But, it seems, a few people were expecting a comic book rather than a prose novel. Also, it became apparent to me that book covers are highly-codified. Your historical fantasy book really needs to look like a historical fantasy book. The new cover fits that bill.

I quite like the concept. Anyone who has read the book might remember that a Claddagh ring features in the plot. I always liked the observation in the book that the Claddagh ring turned upside down looks like a skull. I'm not sure that comes across exactly but the upturned ring certainly has a menacing demonic appearance. On a historical note, it's just about credible. Claddagh rings have been recorded almost as far back as the book's setting.


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