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As Cromwell conquers the West of Ireland, his army captures a werewolf and makes plans to unleash a deadly plague on the last city offering resistance. Only a group of misfits – a common English soldier, a priest, a pair of wealthy scientist siblings and a servant girl – can prevent the slaughter. Blood of the Wolf is a fantasy but the action is grounded in carefully researched period detail. Mid-seventeenth-century Limerick and Galway cities are brought to life in vivid detail. Real-life early Irish scientists, Katherine Jones and Robert Boyle, are celebrated and mythologised for the first time in fiction. They share their thrilling adventure with William Manning, a naive English wolf hunter, Ambrose Skerret, an outlaw priest, Valentine D’Arcy, an unlucky wine merchant, and a mysteriously resourceful maid called Mary. If you like werewolves, Irish history, science history, witchcraft, adventure stories, and horror then you’ll enjoy this book.

Blood of the Wolf

  •  A5, 300 pages, paperback prose novel

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