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My new novel is now on sale. If you like werewolves, Irish history, science history, witchcraft, the West of Ireland, early modern history, adventure stories, and just a little horror then you’ll like this book. Read an excerpt here. If you're interested in buying it, follow the links below. Thank you for your support. NOTE: from 20/6/23 the book ships with a new cover as pictured here. If you prefer the old "comic art" style cover, that's still available through The book will be available through  Galway libraries soon. 


Irish & other EU Amazon customers, get your paperback here:


UK Amazon customers, get your paperback or e-books here:


US Amazon customers, get your paperback or e-books here:


“I want the old book cover,” get your paperback here:

Get your e-books from your local Amazon marketplace. For Irish people that's still the UK site – here (ugh!)

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My name is Eoin Stephens. I’m a native of Galway in the West of Ireland but I’ve lived in Dublin for the past thirty years. I’m married with two children, and I earn a living as a freelance graphic designer. I’ve been writing fiction for the past seven years. Thanks to my self-employed status and the support of my wife, I’m able to write every day. I’m finishing my third book right now and have plans for many more. As well as writing novels, I write and draw comic books. In 2023 I self-published my novel, Blood of the Wolf.  


When I was seventeen I was certain I was going become a comic book artist. Art college – and life in general – knocked that idea out of me. Recently I’ve fallen in love with the form again. Drawing comics is very technical so I’ve been quietly re-learning the craft over the last few years. These comics are presented chronologically – newest to oldest. I’m getting better all the time. Read them here.

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